See further with your studies

     Many schools are so focused on test scores and not offending parents, that they have little time left to encourage students to ask relevant questions in their studies.  If school does not nurture students' natural curiosity and a "sense of problem" underlying the disciplines, someone needs to step in and make it happen before student's formative years for critical thinking disappear. Some students may even need to take a break from their busy public school experience to get more personalized guidance to develop higher expectations and more study satisfaction for themselves. 
     The International Appalachian Academy (I.A.A.) offers tutoring at our facilities and at your home to create a space for more sincere inquiry and higher expectations. An after-school and Saturday programs should make a noticeable difference; but leaving the local school for a semester or two is a longer-term option. We can guide the process and provide proven coaching through state-funded on-line schools like (Georgia Virtual School and Georgia Cyber Academy). 
     Whether you use an extra-curricular program or take a longer term approach, the I.A.A. can help you gain fresh perspective on your studies through outdoor-focused science activities and courses, world history, music, and second language studies.

River Science
Histories & Languages
Garden to Table

Typical schedule at the academy 
(open house every second Saturday each month)

  • 8-9:00am  "Chaos and Creation" warm-up: build and tinker with reusable building materials and tools to plan and make "something from nothing!"
  • 9-10:30am Flora and Fauna: use international scientific protocols and observations of plants, animals, and birds to develop a study site right around your home and neighborhood with mapping techniques, binoculars, cameras, GPS-capable smartphones, My Maps, and Google Earth,,, and
  • 10:30am-12pm Garden-to-Table: help design and maintain a simple garden that will produce vegetables year-round so you'll always have something to eat!
  • 1:30pm Earth and Sky program: learn to establish and collect daily and seasonal weather data around your home that can form a basis for more advanced scientific projects.
  • 1:30-4:30pm River Science: conduct and analyze water chemistry and biology in the Etowah River using international scientific protocols.
  • 6-7pm The "3Rs," Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic: learn to better understand math intuitively through a hands-on approach to the math basics with a veteran Japanese math teacher
  • 7-8:30pm Histories and Languages: Study the biggest dimensions of history while learning Japanese as a second language.