About Us

     The International Appalachian Academy (I.A.A.) respects the the intellectual and psychological needs of students from the elementary grades, through the first two years of college, in age-appropriate enrichment activities and tutoring in Math, Reading/Writing, Science, History, and Languages. Our goal is to help students master their studies by finding ways to make connections to the real world and do something with it. Improving test scores, getting college-level credit, and discovering more opportunities for higher level studies should be a natural outcome of our broad-based approach to studies.

     Since 2004, the International Appalachian Academy (I.A.A.) has been offering full course studies in Japanese Language and advanced World History, as well as tutoring in the "3 Rs," Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. Students from as far away in the region as North Hall High School have attended classes and traveled to Japan with us for a home-stay-based international exchange. We have two licensed teachers: Sayuri Adams, a licensed Japanese elementary school teacher with 12 years teaching in Japan and 15 in the U.S.; and Joseph Adams, a Georgia licensed grades 7-12, English and Social Studies teacher and adjunct professor of world history, Chinese History, and American History. Joe lived and taught in Japan for two after graduating from the University of North Georgia in 1990  and for three more years after getting his M.A. in History (1995) from the University of Hawaii. Joseph also helped establish a two year A.P. World History program at Walton High School in 2001-2002, and scored A.P. World History national exam essays between 2003 and 2007. 
   Joe and Sayuri have always kept their home base near Dahlonega, GA, where the academy now operates in Lumpkin County, GA. In the local, north Georgia economy, the academy provided consulting and translation services to help facilitate the transition and expansion of Timken Bearings plant in Dahlonega to Japanese ownership, Koyo Bearings.
  Teaching in science, math, history, and language arts, and foreign language instruction are designed to supplement regular public school classes and home-school classes, and the studies grow in complexity along with the students abilities and needs. We believe that effective tutoring and new learning takes place most naturally when students are actively engaged in hands-on projects and work. Over the years, we have developed seven themes for active learning which are described in greater detail in the individual sections: 1) "Creative Chaos" building and tinkering projects, 2) Flora and Fauna, 3) Farm to Table, 4) Earth and Sky, 5) River Science, 6) Music, and 7) Histories and Languages. We can even help enable students who want to make enough progress to test-out of some classes in public high schools as well as get college credit for their studies in advanced level history and foreign language classes. With full participation, resources for the classes, including on-line curriculum and classroom management through Google Education apps and Skype. Real-time tutoring in essay writing is also made possible using google docs.

International Appalachian Academy
Joseph R Adams, director
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