The Garden-to-Table program is a seasonal mentoring program for any age, ability, and need, in topics ranging from -- what it takes to plan, plant, and harvest a garden, to how to keep records for USDA-organic certification; how to clean, store, and sell your produce; and most importantly, how to cook it and eat it! We like to link the working knowledge parts of the experience with the cooking and eating as often as possible! In the summer, when the work is harder and hotter, we can cool off in the river that runs along Revival Gardens.
Sayuri Adams' ten years of experience planning, planting, harvesting for Revival Gardens USDA-certified organic produce, and doing monthly harvest dinners is invaluable to anyone who wants to learn farm/home economics, the kind of work ethic required of farmers, and ways to turn a small kitchen and home into an occasional restaurant to raise more funds for the farm.
To get more details for the Garden-to-table program this year, come to our open house on Saturday, Jan.10, please be in the garden by 10:30. We'll have a walk-and-talk presentation our reflecting on last year's garden and our plans for the new one.  During the last 45 minutes of this 90 minute program, we'll pick an assortment of greens and then bring up to the house to cook for a good tasting. Bring something with you if you'd like to have a working lunch with us as the kids present information about their participation in the G.L.O.B.E. ( at 12:30. More details about the program will be posted on this web-page after the open house.