Week One Class Notes for 2001, Intermediate Japanese, at Gainesville and Dahlonega

Thursday, Aug.25八月二十五日、木曜日
Let's compare Summer in Japan and summer America in writing;
reviewing Genki I; and Lesson 13 dialog intro

class expectations and contents
Seasonal Writing Project

Different perspectives of Japan:
Note how the Japan archipelago is more a part of the northern region of Asia (Korea, Northern China, Mongolia and Russia). The first migrations into Japan, circa. 20,000 years ago, correspond with the first migrations into the Americas.

Week one class vocabulary and key phrases from conversations and Genki I lesson 11 and 12:
 history  れきし  歴史
 game software design  ゲームソフト  
 physics  ぶつりがく  物理学
 nursing  かんごがく  看護学
 Sword-making  かたなづくり  刀作り
 translation  つうやく  通訳
 english teacher  えいごのせんせい  英語の先生
 travel  りょこうがいしゃ  旅行会社
 Education system  きょういくがくぶ  教育学部
 J.E.T. program    
 Literature  ぶんがく  文学
 Hobby  しゅみ  趣味
 Anime  アニメ  

 I want to teach Japanese  にほんごをおしえたい 日本語を教えたい
 Engineering and Math    
 Computer Science    
 Digital Art    

Prectures and Regions to consider.

Sayuri is from "the Peach State of Japan," In the above map, Yamanashi-ken (#19 in the Chubu (central) region of the island of Honshu. It is next to Tokyo and above Shizuoka-ken. Mount Fuji is on the border between Yamanashi-ken and Shizuoka-ken.

Japanese-style class management/leadership procedures:
Every subject's classes in Japanese public schools have student secretaries (TOUBAN) performing their duties on a daily rotational basis to call the class to order when the teacher arrives, and calling the class to a close when the teacher has finished. It's usually a boy and a girl, who get the signal from the teacher, and call the class to attention by standing-up and saying: 
"Ki wo Tsuke!" (everyone gets up out of their desks and sits, or stands up, straight at attention, aligning the KI); 
After everyone has gotten quiet, the secretaries say: 
"Rei" (which signals everyone to bow at the stomach toward the teacher for two seconds, saying "Onegaishimasu" (at the beginning of the class) or "Arigatou Gozaimasu" (at the end of the class).
Homework assignment for Thursday: Write a simple self introduction, including where you are from, your major, research interests, hobbies and places that you want to go, etc. using as much vocabulary and grammar patterns as you can.