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Many classic cultural art-forms originate in a challenging times and Japanese Kabuki theater is one of them: Here's what the Japan Society of the U.K. has to say about the founder of Japan's most famous theater form:

Okuni was the founder of Kabuki theatre in 16th century Japan. Gathering up the female outcasts and misfits, particularly those involved in prostitution, Okuni gave them direction, teaching them acting, dancing and singing skills in order to form her troupe.

Okuni’s troupe was exclusively female. Thus, she required her actors to play both male and female roles. In 1629, due to public outcry for moral reform, those under the shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu forbade women from performing in kabuki. The role of Kabuki drama was transferred to men and has remained as such to this day.

Kabuki is filled with great stories of the follies of life and love and can still be seen seasonally throughout Japan.

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